Heroes  of  Extinction Episodes

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Narrator - C. Andrew Nelson

Gabriel Cohen/True Strike - Peter Alden

Davina Matthews - Courtney Shaffer

Fractus - Isaac Singleton Jr.

Jenessa Jenson/Elemental - Mary Gibbs

S.C.I.O. - Jacquelyn Liz

Dr. Penelope Lewis - Phran Couci

Kenneth Egen/Fire Reaper - Michael Yurchak

Young Girl - Maeve Francis

Woman #1 - Megan Brezovar

Woman #2 - Samantha Alban

Woman #3 - Krystal Chiarolla

Man #1 -Mike Duvall

Medical Personal #1 - Joshua Shaffer

Medical Personal #2 - D. Michael

Random Gala Person - Bill Meeks

Coordinator - Greg Greeson

Scientist - Raymond Macias

Season one, Episode one

Gabriel, aka True Strike, discovers his 50th birthday comes with unexpected and devastating side effects when attending a gala that is attacked by the fire wielding villain, Fire Reaper.

Heroes TestBetter Lust Than Never
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The Cast in episode one

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