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At the very early age of 15 years, I jokingly asked my parents a question in my “Harley Quinn" voice . 

My mom’s reaction was PRICELESS!  With a quick turn of her head she said “Say That Again?"

And this was probably the pivotal moment that started my wonderful, exciting journey into the crazy world we call “Voice Acting."

At the very early age of 15 years, I jokingly asked my parents a question in

my “Harley Quinn" voice. 


Known today by most on Britain’s SPOTIFY as “The British Lady Who Lunches" you will find me working tirelessly on building my brand “". My brand is centered on knowing in my hearts of hearts that God has blessed me with my talent,  and “In Him" I have been and continue to truly be “BLESSED”  beyond measure with countless opportunities. 


Early in my career, I voiced a ton of cartoon characters on various series that taught Foreign children American called "Cognitive Learning". A bunch of episodes are on my Vimeo Channel linked below.  The role of “Mattie”  was probably most near and dear to be because of her “Spunk" and her determination regardless of what the “adults" say.  She beats to the tune of her own drum …. JUST LIKE ME … hahaha! 

That role brought me into a very short try into the world of narrating for Audio Books.  Not a fan as this takes way too much time, but I did have fun with 3 Christmas Children’s books by Uncle Amon on Audible. (link to purchase below) 

My passion was shown to me very early on and this is seeing my voice come to life in a cartoon or video game.  I voiced a Ghost Child in Saving Princess Maya for the VR Oculus video game, so spooky. This child doesn’t know that she has passed on, and she is really up to no good tricking the player. Since I voiced the clue to end/win the game, I know how to beat the game. It took years for the director to send me a recording of my part because it was very difficult for a player to get to see me. As soon as I saw her, I WAS HOOKED! So cool!


Don’t get me wrong, all the Toyota, Spotify, Anti-Vaping, University, Children’s Toys, etc… commercials are so much fun to voice, BUT NOTHING IS LIKE SEEING YOUR VOICE COME TO LIFE.

Which brings me to the most EXCITING time in my professional life.  On August 12, 2017, my “Mom-A-Ger" (totally my very own Chris Kardashian) sent a Facebook message to Jerry Cornell the director/owner of Theme Parkology. She had read an audition  on Upwork that Jerry had posted for a voice actor to portray a role talking about The Haunted Mansion.  She was determined to get me that role, later to find out it was a man’s voice they wanted.  When she reached out to Jerry he responded so warmly, assuring us that he will have a role for her soon.  Among years of emailing back and forth, Jerry never forgot about me.  For the next 3 years he would always send an email telling me he has something in the works.  I am so beyond grateful for his friendship over the years and excited for what is coming.  WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT HE WAS UP TO! As they say, "Rome wasn’t built in a day!"

I Have My Very Own Show on Theme Parkology's Theme Streaming called Voicing Your Talent, where I interview the most famous talents in the industry of Voice Acting. Check it out ( link below ). Here is a hint to the other MOST AMAZING ROLE, I am S.C.I.O.!     


CHEERS TO Heroes of Extinction! Stay Tuned!

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