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The story of Heroes of Extinction began early one morning when I

was talking to singer/actor Peter Alden. We were discussing various

projects and at some point I mentioned an audio 1940's-type of

audio show. Peter was very intrigued and encouraged me to build

the show. 


After pondering for a few days I pitched an idea of a hero who is

beginning to lose his powers as he is getting older. Now he has to

come to terms with the idea of not being a hero in the near future

as his future becomes unclear he begins to struggle in his relation-

ship with his sidekick, it is suggested that he finds a replacement,

and he tries to expand his love for his girlfriend. All while a new

destructive villain is in town,  Peter loved it!

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Finding the right voice for the right character is very hard to do. In my mind True Strike sounds bold and tough, but after etching the hero out a bit we gave him heart and real emotion. Peter Alden's voice is perfect for him. We literally have to conciser what the character(s) will go through and decide what emotion he or she will need. 

For the villain Fire Reaper it was a bit easier. I gave the role to Michael Yurchak and describe the craziness that is the Reaper. I explained that he has no qualm with taking someones life to get what he needs. Michael stepped into the recording studio and created the voice, bringing the character to life.

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