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In the town of Metro Heights there are a lot of mysterious creatures prowling about. It's up to a band of heroes to stop the beasts, but for the lead hero True Strike it couldn't have come at a worse time as he has discovered that as his powers are deteriorating as he is gets older. Can he save the world one last time?

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Want to get caught up on Heroes of Extinction news

and updates? You can be the first to hear about future

episodes, upcoming special events, see early design illustrations, read about story line ideas, and much more.

This rs a great way to stay connected to the heroes and villains.

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"When I started this project I had no idea of the incredible talent that would be tied to Heroes of Extinction."

Jerry Cornell   Producer & Editor

COMING SOON: you will be able to get bi-weekly newsletter with updates, first look at images, and personal bios of characters, heroes and villains, and the cast of Heroes of Extinction.

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